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Handyman Services Websites 

Home Contractor

There are times when you need extra help around your home or office, and you may not want to hire a professional. That’s where handyman services can help. Handyman services will come to you and provide whatever assistance is needed from the assembly of furniture, putting up shelves or installing cabinets, hanging blinds and curtains, painting rooms or even repairing leaks in your roof. The following are some websites that offer handyman services.

Home Advisor Handyman Services

HomeAdvisor is a website where you can find local handymen. You can search for handymen by zip code and then filter the results based on type of work, location, name, and reviews. 

If you are looking for a specific type of service such as electrical or plumbing repairs, it’s best to use Google search terms like “electrical repair in my area” or “plumber near me.” 

Task Rabbit Handyman Services

TaskRabbit is a website where you can hire a handyman to do any job around your house. The handymen are all vetted, and they have been trained to do everything from simple tasks like changing lightbulbs or hanging pictures to more complicated ones like installing a new kitchen sink or repairing an electrical circuit. 

TaskRabbit is also great because it’s very easy to use: all you need to do is go on their website, select the task that needs to be done, and then book an appointment right away! 

Trusted Housesitters Handyman

TrustedHousesitters is a website that connects homeowners with house sitters. Homeowners can find a house sitter for their home or vacation property, and house sitters can find a home to care for. 

Thumbtack Handyman Services 

Thumbtack is a website that connects customers with local professionals. The site allows users to post projects they need to be done and receive bids from contractors, who can then choose which job they want to work on. It’s also possible for you to hire someone directly without using Thumbtack if you don’t mind paying extra fees. 

The site has become popular among handyman services because it provides an easy way for people looking for help around the house or office building to find reliable professionals in their area at reasonable rates. 

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Service Magic Handyman Services

ServiceMagic is a great place to find a handyman. The site has thousands of contractors available in your area and it’s easy to search them by project type or cost. If you’re not sure what you need to do, they have a list of common home repairs along with recommendations on what kind of professional should handle each project (like electricians for electrical work). 

ServiceMagic also offers 24/7 customer service support via phone or chat so if there are any issues with your contractor or their workmanship, they’ll help resolve them quickly and easily! Handyman Services is a handyman services website that allows you to find handymen in your area. With, you can choose from users who have been reviewed by other customers and rated on their performance. If you’re not sure how much work needs to be done or how much it will cost, the site has an estimating tool that uses information about your house and property to give an approximate price range for any repairs or improvements. 

The service also provides customer support via phone calls or email messages 24 hours per day 7 days per week (excluding holidays). The site has an app available for both Android phones as well as iPhones so that contractors can get updates on projects even when they’re away from their computers! 


The above list of handyman services websites can help you find the right person for your job. If you need a new roof or siding, these websites will connect you with professionals who can provide these services at an affordable price. They also offer other types of home improvement work such as painting services if needed!